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Build Your Own Display

Why not build you own chrome display from the components we supply?

Our Heavy Duty Chrome Wire Display components are designed for areas where cleanliness and hygiene are a priority. The open chrome wire shelves promote air circulation allowing a consistent temperature throughout all shelves.

Chrome wire shelving units are ideal for use in both the catering and retail industries, as well as being suited to a host of other environments - including retail units, factories, offices, home  and pharmaceutical facilities. The mesh construction of the wire shelving means that air is able to circulate within the unit, keeping the contents fresh.

To build your own display.
First decide the height of the posts you require.  Our posts come as standard with adjustable feet.  If you wish to build a unit that is movable then just add a set of wheels.

Now add the shelf sizes that you require.  Again to make it easy for you we include the post fixings with the shelf unit.

Just add handles, clothes rail, ledges, dividers or joining clips to suit your requirements.

If your not sure on what to order call our sales team on:  0845 4001040