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Wooden & Wicker Displays

We are always at the forefront of innovation in design of wooden and wicker products for use in a retail environment. Our ranges of wooden display stands, wicker, polywicker and wooden display baskets and boxes are the ideal way to showcase products in-store. You can use these stands as cake display stands or to display other pastries or products.
Our display stand UK products create a unique natural feel that conveys quality, producing the ideal impression for your customers. A wooden display stand has a character which is absent from retail display stands constructed from other materials, and we ensure that all of our shop display stands are made from high quality materials, the majority being crafted from European Beech wood.
The way in which products are displayed needs to match, and highlight the quality of the products themselves, which is why our designers have worked to create not just beautiful, but functional and effective display products for our range. As well as our wooden retail stands, we stock many ranges of other display products, including a wide range of polywicker, ideal for use in chiller cabinets, and products such as plastic clips to assist with price display.
Our other display products, such as chalkboards and wicker shopping baskets, are ideal for creating a welcoming, natural atmosphere in-store, and these, as well as all our other products, undergo rigorous testing to ensure they exceed our expectations for quality and durability.

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